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The Week(day/end) Opener!

On this last Friday of January 2021 I sit in front of my computer and reflect on the week(day/end) that I have been able to open within the past year. This week I celebrated my #Zinversary - which is a funny word to say anniversary as a Zumba Instructor. In thinking about the year that I've had I reflect on the way opening every weekend and week with a Zumba class has helped me pivot my focus to a further degree. I learned to not punish my body but see it for the advantages it was made for, and to also engage with.

This last Friday I think of the Fridays when I felt like I wasn't enough. I allow myself to feel the tinge in my heart that knows there was a time when I felt I couldn't handle the character and capacity I wanted to carve. To be the opener for the show reminded me of the days of a choreographed five minute number in lots of makeup and heels that made you that much taller. I saw the fierceness that I was able to bring about in the past and learned to embody this even more on the dance floor.

It was in my practice that I learned each week how I wanted to show up. I saw that the Zumba movement had began to take further movement inside me, and thus heart healing movement was born. I allowed my imagination to consume me in a way that began to read the rhythm of the world. I allowed the process to unfold like a blooming bud, or the smell of a freshly purchased book. I learned that I was meant to engage with space itself and slow down time with my mind so that I can shift my narrative.

To speak in rhythm with the language of the world is to entice the part of me that understands each day we show up prepared for the action of that day. To see how this grew through my journey as a Zumba instructor is to see the days that I began teaching as a training ground for what 2020 was going to be. I learned to see that in the fast and slow moments I was birthing anew. I embody this new path even further 2021 as I wander through the terrain it has led me on. With skills I'm learning to master I set my eyes and ears on the lessons I will learn and remember that all I can do is just show up.

I allow this 2021 to formulate itself perfectly in the equation unfolding. I wake up today and acknowledge that my beating heart knows we are on the right path, and my breathe is embracing it ever so gently with each passing minute. Throughout this process I've learned that this emotion and feeling has always been inside me. Throughout this time I've learned that I was meant to begin this journey, and allow the pumping blood to guide me to the next steps.

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