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Camila's Column #001

How do you protect your energy?

To start off on this subject I have to acknowledge the times that I didn't know how to protect my energy. There were days when even I felt like the whole world was against me, but it was through a sliver of hope that I learned what it looked like to protect myself. I say this with an honest heart because I think we don't acknowledge the hard moments it takes for us to walk certain paths. Even walking the path of an #SOULtrepreneur is one I believe found me.

The best tactical methods I can provide would be to keep an open ear on your heart. By listening to the moments where you might feel full I believe you'll be able to carve a cup that you can serve from. I protect my energy by disengaging from draining topics, discerning time and place for when I'm needed, and also learning to release the guilt from days when I can't. In holding space for my most raw and open self to live I share a version of myself with the world that I was always meant to embody.

What does your morning routine look like?

Since we're being honest, I am the worst with morning routines. I am also terrible at skincare routines, but when I'm at my best it is something I love to practice. A morning in the life of Camila looks like starting it off with some water and coffee. Sometimes in that order, and sometimes vice-versa.

The thing that I wake up for each day is the ability to show up in the world. Some days this could look like spending time knee-deep producing art. Other days I feel I'm a student humbly showing up for the task at hand. On the days when I feel most "out-there" would be when I know I have to host a peer support group or Zumba class. On these days the most important thing to note are how my energy is for that day, and how I can best suit that for the task I want to accomplish. This could look like taking an extra nap if I'm teaching that evening, or setting up our beautiful altar the evening before.

What I'm learning these days is that each day has instances of what tomorrow can be, but we won't know until we get there. In allowing my focus to gain space in my present I feel a presence of my day to day that is in alignment with my heart. The space that I'm carving into the world is simply a reflection of the space I've made in my heart.

Why Zumba?

I think that this is such a beautiful question to end my first column with. This age-old question gives light to the person I'm giving space for. In allowing my artist to lead late 2019 I found myself out of a corporate job, learning how to work tech at a studio space called Sibling, and at the front desk of EVERYBODY Los Angeles. Deep in thought after 2 years in the customer service life I embraced radical rest and let the insights find me. I had briefly spoken to a colleague about a potential movement program I wanted to establish, and with the time to finally imagine it I heard the whispers get louder.

As someone who loved to not only move but dance I had noticed a vacancy in this offering at the space. I had recalled about a Sponsorship Program that was available through EVERYBODY and after a successful application was offered a spot in the program. I started off 2020 knowing that the 24th of that January I was meant to undergo my Zumba training and walk into a new path. I didn't know what was on the other side, but I write a year later to say it was the best decision I could've done.

I wake up everyday humble knowing that I am allowing myself to just show up. This allows me to see that in all my moments I am enough.

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