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Jekyll & Hyde

After hearing Jekyll & Hyde by Aja I reflected on the power that music cultivates. I thought about the two sides of myself which have always interpolated one another. It is through the pure power of Aja and other folks that I begin to further embody the lessons that ballroom have taught me. It is miraculous to think of the way that my life has shown me that the masters I’ve been looking for are also learning to engage in the world differently.

I speak from my experience as a trans womxn on this planet to engage in the world differently, I’m growing as a being but beyond this I am also growing as a servant of the Earth and what mother nature is calling me to delve further into. In this process of becoming I’m learning to see the way that Brujas have played a pivotal role in my development as a body. I grew into myself, my consciousness garnering skills throughout the many years we have engaged in time and space. Fragments of my spirit have been left all across this world – parts of me still lingering onto the faint memories we cherish deeply.

In speaking about the Jekyll and Hyde process that occurs when you learn to become yourself it shows you the way that folks – have also had to engage with the parts within them that are dark to make them their most authentic self. In processing through my shadow work I see the way that my anger. a side I suppressed for too long, was deeply entrenched into my body and mind. Like the Hulk, my emotions learned to carve shape into the world I physically walked in. I learned to embrace both my sides and revolt against the status quo.

Seeing that Aja – a prominent figure from RuPaul’s Drag Race – released a song called Jekyll and Hyde shows me that the world is feeling the wave just as much as I am. By my interaction with time and space it has allowed me to see the way that I needed to change. To grow away from this perception that I held so dearly. My identity in formation grew away from my past – that which scorned me, burned me, and hurt me no longer stinging.

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