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In Becoming Myself – The Weed Herself

I sit here in this Gemini New Moon in 2018 knowing myself more than I ever have in the past. I acknowledge parts of me that I don’t even think really exist outside of my peripheral vision.

I’m an essence, a being floating in this world amongst these other beings blossoming into myself. In becoming authentically me I learned to shed parts of me that were no longer useful.

I had to set boundaries, I grew and was stopped as I tried. I grew until I knew that there was nothing else to do but continue to grow. I became myself, I shed parts of myself and began to see the new skin.

You began to see me, I began to see me, we all began to feel free. In this we mourned, we mourned the death of the being I once was, this person I had so carefully crafted.

I grew, I continued to shed parts of me even if it meant screaming in pain as they were torn from me. I grew – I hit the ceiling and knew that this was something imaginative, it was something I had fabricated that stopped me the last time I was in this position.

With all the fierceness and force of the people before me I grew into myself. I grew outward. I blossomed, pollinated, blossomed, and grew until the walls couldn’t contain my beauty.

You were holding me and I had to let go… I grew, I broke the very building I thought I originally existed in. Like nature I fought against the colonization that had been engraved on my back and grew with it.

I took over the buildings, the land, the light and continued to grow. With access to air I was able to grow naturally. Through the light and H20, the light sprinkles, the morning dew I became my most authentic self.

Hues of purple, blue, green, red and orange consume the very land I inhibit. I had become myself. I broke the walls and consumed everything around me. My pieces reaching beyond their current limits.

The world isn’t getting smaller, I’m only growing bigger.

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