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The Practice of Producing

Practice, practice, practice.

Learning about this journey came like a comet. I became a Zumba instructor and immediately went into a model of online teaching within my fourth class! I can’t believe that it turned into this kind of journey so quickly. What it really taught me was that there was something that I had to show alongside acknowledging that this was only part 1. I look into my past and in December of 2018 I knew this was the next step. I peer back to when I first joined the EVERYBODY Los Angeles team back in March of 2019 and I knew this was the next step. There is something so profound of knowing I could fly that has taken me to these uncharted lands.

I yearned for more a couple years ago and craved a life unlike anything that I’ve ever lived. I saw the horizons I could walk on and decided that the parameters of my playground were meant to be broken. I was meant to transcend, to transition, to shed skin like my ancestors before me. Like the phoenix my pieces were meant to be laid in the kiln and activated with fire. I was glazed with an armor which prepared me for the new lands I was meant to excavate. Just as the cartographer I grabbed my telescope and transcribed the worlds that got me here. These unknown lands becoming familiar only by the continuing unfamiliarity that comes with traveling them.

If you ask me what my words speak of they speak of the practice of wandering. This ability to continue trying because the perception of what is the common enemy of what holds us back. It is knowing that change comes from striking action at the moment you are inspired. To strike the match and light the way because it was written in the stars for you. Even you, the reader, hold the way to your path because it was written by the same hand. Practice, because the fear will hold you back even more. Practice, because it humbles you. Practice, because you are craving a life that is different than anything you’ve walked before.

The power of producing is knowing that you allowed yourself to do it.

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