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Something About Writing

I look back on this piece from late May and have to think of the person who wants to be archived moving forward. I think about the space that writing has provided for me, the solitude and quiet that I find amongst the words that escape my soul. To see this process as something I'm embracing further is to acknowledge the ways I feel I'm watering my soul, spirit, and energy these days.

There is something about writing that I find soothing. Twitter being the origins of microblogging for me and then other platforms holding milestone moments that we learn to engage in. After seeing the film The Social Network I think to myself of the ways that I want my words to be remembered online. My “intellectual property” as we’ll call it. Whether this be through words, dancing, videos or more I know that 2021 is the year I embrace them all.

Watching this film on the 17th of May led me through a rabbit hole of discovery and spontaneous moments I have uncovered. It spoke to the dreamer in me who knows now that leaving no stone unturned is a mission I was set to walk. I explore the paths laid out of ahead of me with a tenacity on a future I am set to claim. This film set in a place I will one day see myself in, a place I learned to love.

Through these archival moments I aim to look back and see the way my writing holds space. I want to relinquish this false idea of perfection and embrace the rawness behind imperfection. May we lean into ourselves in the ways we are meant to. I remember asking myself, "Can we continue to move forward when all that we knew is losing ground?" I now feel I have the answer.

By the interactions of my soul I've learned to fly. The cascading terrain has allowed me to see that to survive I had to grow wings and soar to new heights. With an eye on the future I set my sights this year on the role of the student. I allow myself to be captured in time by the process of seeking masters who will guide me into my next steps. I dream of the places my physical body will traverse and the uniforms I will be given the privilege to lay claim to. The young kid in me always knowing that crimson was the color I was meant to wear.

I embrace the world that I've began walking since May, and also mourn the worlds I've left behind since then as well. I lean into the world that understands sometimes our greatest discoveries occur at the right moment - not a second sooner or later. I show up each day this year knowing that the wings I've grown will let me fly to the heights my soul is ready for. Even on this Monday, I release the idea that I have to be somebody else and affirm today that I'm doing what I'm able to.

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