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Like a Sunflower

From a little seed I see the future in front of me and think of the roots I will grow. With love, an intention, and a vision set on magnifying the best version of myself I plant myself firmly in the places that hold my shape. I see the garden that I've been planted around and notice each other seedling was also placed with love and care. I look at the roots they've grown, the buds now coming out and know that I was planted at the right time.

In thinking about how I want to grow I allow myself to see the moments when I truly have to let my vulnerability shine and grow. I allow myself to delve into the moments when I've felt uncomfortable over the past couple of years and engage with the world in a way that speaks to the person being born. I think of the uncomfortable moments as periods which captured a triumph or tribulation. It was through the culmination of every previous experience that I was able to stand today. Like a sunflower I think of the heights I reached, the way I felt so close to the sun.

The growing process these past couple years has been the hardest. It was as if the roots of my existence were swaying in the wind, being challenged by every natural disaster that could occur. It was in these moments that I learned that my job was to turn towards the sun, to soak up the experience as a sunflower and move in beautiful time to the seasons at hand. Like a sunflower I expanded each petal growing out of me and tried to capture every moment by the rays washing down on me. I saw the way this ball of fire heated up my body, the petals, and even how the wind drifted off with my pollen.

I'm graced by a visitor, a busy bee as we'll call them. I notice that I'm just here, existing as a beautiful sunflower and them a busy bee. I allow them to have some of my pollen in exchange for drifting off into the sun with the possibility that my genealogy can extend further. The busy bee takes a moment to enjoy my nectar, I take a moment to enjoy the presence of being present with this creature and embrace their extracting nature. Once full I know the bee will fly away, and I will continue being a beautiful sunflower standing tall in the wind.

Like a sunflower, I'm ready to reach the sky with roots as deep as the heart could feel. Like a sunflower, I too allow the wind to take me to the next stage of my life.

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