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Independence for All

Today we declare further the fight for freedom as we move forward on this journey as a group fitness instructor. I embrace the role that I've been put these days even more, the one less travelled. After only three classes in person I was thrust into an online model and truly felt what it meant to pivot. Through troubleshooting, engaging in dance with my community, and letting myself lean into the lessons I was meant for I found myself ready for the unknown in a way that only my heart knew.

When I took the #ZUMBA Virtual Pro Training with Eliza Stone it reminded me of that day in Los Angeles this January. I allowed myself to see that there was another journey I could take, one that I know people around me have also taken. In taking today's training I am excited to head further into the journey inspiring and perspiring bodies around the planet! I remember when I first declared a relationship back with myself through #movement. It was the beginning of a long-awaited bridge the architects of my life had designed.

As I viewed the blueprints I was met with jargon, rhetoric, and an inkling that through feeling I'd lead with love. In following my heart I embrace today the independence that we all lay claim to. With the injustices coming to light more than ever this year I recall the person who stood in Ferguson, Missouri and knew this world was not it. We could not exist in this world if we did not actively engage in a mindful way that spoke to the collective truth. As sole proprietors and business owners we must consciously engage with businesses and also teach paradigms that are anti-racist and heart-centered. As you can tell, I love talking about love.

Love exists on the dance floor, I learned this at a young age letting my body have the fun it was made for. This brings me back today's training - I chose Zumba because of remembering the feeling of seeing my mom come back from her classes. I briefly recall her playing a DVD video in the evening times on our rustic player, her body shaking away the worries of a young single mom. To see the way that this brought joy into my life taught me that dance truly can change a person. It changed me, it changed her, and this is why I know it can change you.

Know that this class is always in memory of all the Black, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQ+ bodies, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Intersex, differently abled, and deviant bodies that are no longer with us due to hatred, police violence, street violence, patriarchy, and misogyny that is rooted in fear of the other.

We dance with our hearts centered on healing through engaging in space in the way we need.

We dance for the souls who now sit as our ancestors and light the path forward.

We dance for the bodies who have been told not to.

This revolution being something our feeling and feet will lead.

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