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Fighting The Storm

Settling into the eye of the storm means finding a peace within the chaos that 2020 has brought. If we think about the creation of this year we can highlight the destruction that also happened. To acknowledge this is to see that although we turn a page in the Gregorian calendar we are not turning a page on the effects of what 2020 was. Through the learning moments we were able to fight the tides of change and see that the time spent learning how to sail has allowed us to continue our trek through this ocean.

As we continue fighting the storm we've gotten into I think of the way the eye is the one place that all will be answered. To reach the middle one must traverse through the waters that are crashing into your vessel. I'm thinking about the Gay Party Cruise that sank recently and allow myself to understand that the world will have surprises at every turn of this journey, and all we can do is ensure we've prepared enough for it. With knowing the way tragedies like this happen daily it makes me think of the life and stones I want to turn. I see that in acknowledging the journey further I'm releasing the idea that I need to fight the water so that I can naturally glide in it.

To embrace the thrash of each wave is to see that to fight the storm is to fight yourself. In flowing through the experience at hand I embrace the presence that comes with being present and let my unimaginable fly. I release the idea that I have to be something and understand all I have to do is jump in the water and allow my trust to lead the way. I see that heading towards the eye of the storm is the task at hand and with each stroke am determined to make it to shore.

Like the North Star this eye serves as a compass to the experience at hand. All participants in this body of water heading to a central meeting point to find a moment of solace, a moment of release. In leading my body through the waters I find the center so that I can further know what it means to soar. Around me I see the storm calming as I find the middle of this disaster. Without a boat I'm paddling my arms and ensuring that my mouth and nose stay above water. The energy of my future is helping keep me afloat at the future I am claiming.

With all the fierceness of all that I've done I remember that I was not only made to float but I was meant to soar. I was meant to fly from the depths of these waters and like the sailor thrown overboard am saved by the other boats coming to the eye of this storm. Although we all have to travel out of it eventually, we keep a calm demeanor knowing that we'll all make it to shore. The real question is, will we all make it? I think we will, I know it.

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