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Embracing Radical Rest

There is this overwhelming feeling with the onset of COVID-19 that productivity is the end product for us all. I rebuke this and acknowledge that through centering with my heart I have found that my lesson was radical rest. To allow my body to feel the weight underneath me of a couch, a bed, or even a floor. I had to learn what it felt like to disconnect from the noise of it all and allow my extraordinary to come out! To level up in the external world I had to engage with the area around me mindfully and act in accordance with my heart.

Lisa Nichols, a transformational coach I stumbled upon via YouTube, states that you have to play in the space existing between your brain and soul to live mindfully. In learning to embrace this further I am seeing that I'm using my body like a instrument. In seeing how I want to show up in the world I'm allowing the corresponding nature of my existence to be one that engages with the world but also takes the opportunity when there is time to disengage with it. To walk amongst both worlds is the way of the chameleon, the shapeshifter I've learned to become.

I share this piece on radical rest because as some of y'all know I've started my HRT journey. For those who don't, this is called hormone replacement therapy. I've decided to begin the process of medically transitioning and I would say it has been a long time coming. Through the year that the pandemic has brought upon me I was able to ask myself the deep questions on how I wanted to explore this world. It allowed me to form a bond with my mind, body and spirit that spoke to the artist that is being birthed. If I had to say one of the biggest lessons I'd say radical rest is this.

In allowing my body to relax and grieve the loss of my former selves I was able to gain a perspective that shifted my needs. My focus came into the areas of my life that needed me, they called to a piece of my heart that wanted to be illuminated. I highlighted the pivotal moments that got me to the end of 2020 and owned the space that came from from each moment. From the tenderness, I gave energy to the healing that needed to happen.

I'm only at the beginning of my journey, and at the age of 26 I feel like there are so many years for me to discover more. As I embrace the life that I'm supposed to be living further I allow myself to measure success by the moments that make my heart sing, and this is another lesson in and of itself. Let's lean into the moments that we've learned from this year and allow our existence each day to be an experience to learn. We have power over our lives and I'm excited to lean further into my writing and share space with you all.

Con amor,

Camila Camaleón

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