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Allowing The Artist to Lead

Allowing the artist to lead inside me is truly growing the way that I see myself these days. I have to speak about my experience because it is in these moments of showing up for myself, my spirit, my community that I’m going to be able to truly grow. I see the way that my journey is tied to theirs, just like the experiences I’ve heard have also shaped my coming of age.

In sharing parts of myself through these different modalities I think of how I want to be remembered, and why I even started this page. I have to come back to the moment of knowing that it was through these texts that I was able to open up and begin spending time with the divine. It was through the posts I engaged with most, and also least, that I archived myself across pages everywhere. In order to become myself I have to speak about the way the artist has always been leading, I just didn’t know it.

To even further talk about the ways that I’ve left my body on this planet shows me the connection I’m sharing to the world. Just like everyone else I’m a channel in the world trying to tune into the frequency that I know works best. There are moments when I can’t show up for other people because it is in these times that I realize I’m not even showing up for myself. By claiming this part of how I need to spend my time I further cement the ways that maybe I do need to begin being there for me further. Through practices like writing I’ve seen how grounded I can feel in the ways each paragraph find their footing.

I’m a being growing into myself and at this point holding space for the crossroads I am on. I am looking at the ways I’ve shown up in the world and see that only certain parts will move with me as I continue on this journey. I look at the way I’ve left my essence in this world and know that in order to truly enact change I need to also show up in other ways throughout my life. I need to cement practices that allow me to become the person that is being birthed.

I want to fly to the lands I know I grew wings for. I want to show up in the world because I can hear my heart calling for the other side of a world. I can honestly say I have no clue what is on the other side but I can feel that if I lean further into it the artist in me will grow a heart 3x as large. Let’s do this together beautiful, I know we can. The dance floor has been waiting for us. Let’s listen to our heart more and invite ourselves further into the future we are creating.

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