Bienvenida a mi casa

Camila's Heart Healing Movement happens through physical, mental, spiritual and emotional release by engaging the body on the dance floor, the mind through writing, and the heart through feeling. Thank you for making your way over to my casita!

As a playfulness practitioner my mission is to spark joy and change 

to ignite your dreams! 




Heart Healing Movement

As a playfulness practitioner my movement-work is rooted in playfulness, accessibility, and the heart! With Zumba, I integrate a dialogue around body positivity and heart-healing that comes from an understanding that movement must be accessible for all.

Heart Healing Movement is the embodiment of trekking soundscapes through your mind, body, soul, and spirit. As a SOULtrepreneur I center the muscle of joy as a lifestyle. Through writing, speaking, voice, the dance floow, and the power of presence I aim to build bridges for all gender identities and orientations to welcome play in their life! 

By hearing the rhythm of the world one practices playfulness by dancing, shaking it up, and owning the beat! Join me in finding our how to own your own mind, body, and soul more!

Performance Art

As a corporeal ARTivist my performance art is delved around my identity as a Camaleón. This spanish word for Chameleon touches on the essence of the shapes I have taken. Through drag shows, spoken word, modeling, and speaking engagements I aim to use my voice for our collective liberation. 

LGBTQ+ Services

With a background in leadership development, my time has left me galvanized for LGBTQ+ services in the San Gabriel Valley. I currently facilitate a peer support group, an advocacy roundtable, and am a lifelong student to the process of what it means to liberate our LGBTQ+ community.

The Making of La Loca

My name is Camila “La Loca” Camaleón and I am a paradigm shifter, bridge-builder, and queer Transfemme archivist based in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles. My origin story began in unceded Chumash territory in which the lessons cemented upon my return home to the beautiful Tongva/Kizh land. I center my ARTivism around joy, playfulness, and power as gender deviant folks to the center. In owning my voice further I am excited to share some vibes about my journey and even encourage you to check out my Patreon for more


I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and spent my undergrad years at the University of California Santa Barbara. I finished my undergrad with a dual-degree in Black Studies & Feminist Studies, with an emphasis on Politics and Social Policy. Through leadership development within various organizations, group fitness aerobic classes, and attending various conferences I found my Trans body amongst the dance floors around the world. I welcome you to Casa La Loca, a brave space for folks to grow together in this Heart Healing Movement we are creating. 


My Heart Healing Movement is most notably known through my current online offering of Zumba classes! By dancing in time to the rhythm of the world I help facilitate a place for playfulness to occur! In true badass form I center joy as a praxis for my movement classes and invite you to welcome in the vibes.  Dare I say, you might even leave feeling Sexy, Sexy, SEXY ~ 


Outside of the dance floor I serve as the current President for a 501 c(3) non-profit known as the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ+ Center. I even host a peer support group for other gender expansive folks and encourage you to join by emailing me! In my journey I’m being called to amplify the journeys of those in the San Gabriel Valley, an underserved population located in the Los Angeles region. I set my eyes on returning home to give back to the community that provided for me.


My current creative and professional endeavors with the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ+ Center revolve around onboarding our team to an entirely online model and also facilitate our strategic plan which will cement our home for LGBTQ+ folks east of Los Angeles. I also have the honor of being the first host for Color Me Queer - a collaborative work of love produced by QTalk Radio and the SGV LGBTQ+ Center!  

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