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Playfulness Consulting

Both on and off the dance floor, Playfulness Consulting  is a centering of radical curiosity, joy, and power! Through physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and creative release each offering engages the body, heart, and mind as 2SLGBTQ+ healing modalities.

As a playfulness practitioner my mission is to integrate play into your life




Playfulness Co.

As a playfulness practitioner my movement-work is a centering of radical curiosity, joy, and power! My scope of work invites the following expressions as healing practices for folks of all genders and sexualities: 

  •  transformative healing justice

  • media justice

  • curated engagements


With Zumba, I integrate a dialogue around heart-healing that integrates movement which is playfulaccessible, and powerful for all bodies! Join a class & get some sparkles! 

My purpose is to center the muscle of joy as a lifestyle, and through writing, speaking, voice, and dance I've found a flow to  funnel this creativity further.  I aim to build bridges for all gender identities and orientations and welcome everyone to integrate play into your life!  

Book some of my private services below. 

Playfulness Consulting

I believe that to enact movement, we have to look at it through various methods which interact with our mind, body, and spirit. With Playfulness Consulting YOU will find different modalities which will help cultivate joy and spark movement. Via collaging, leadership development, non-profit management, Camila's expertise brings a twist to the field of organizational management. 


ZUMBA ™ Session

Certified in Zumba™ Rhythms 1, Rhythms 2, STEP, and STRONG Nation - Camila integrates her 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusive twist to this classic dance experience.  Every class starts w/ a mindfulness element to embrace change throughout the dance practice.


Certification Session

Book this session if you are looking to get trained in the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ+ Center's Safe Space Training, Facilitator Training, or want to hear about our mission, vision, and values. As the first Trans Woman of Color President our initiatives are set on cementing a home for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community of the San Gabriel Valley. 


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Interested in a partnership? 

Are you connected to a 501 c(3) non-profit, a community college,  a business, grassroots organization, badass collective or a university and want to connect with me on a potential Partnership?  

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"Let all the experiences flow like water, change like the seasons, and flow like electricity."


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